Record Store Day Black Friday

This Friday, November 25th, is the slated release date for several Hydra Head titles:

BLACK FACE - I Want to Kill You b/w Monster 7"

HELMS ALEE - Weatherhead Cassette (previously only available from the band on tour)
OLD MAN GLOOM - Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live in NYC LP

PYRAMIDS / HORSEBACK - A Throne Without a King LP+7"

Unfortunately due to some delays, some stores will not have received OLD MAN GLOOM or PYRAMIDS / HORSEBACK in time for Record Store Day Black Friday, but check back in the next week or two.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, come by VACATION VINYL on Friday. In addition to all four Hydra Head titles (probably the only store to have PYRAMIDS / HORSEBACK available on Friday) and piles of other RSD releases, we will be giving away free Hydra Head promo CDs, posters, and stickers. Also, we may or may not have a stack of HHR Test Presses for sale.
Also, the first 10 people to buy the BLACK FACE 7" will receive an uncut jacket print.

Here is a partial list of stores who have ordered HHR Black Friday releases:
1-2-3-4 Go! Records
2nd Avenue Records
641 RPM
Albums On The Hill
Amoeba Music Berkeley
Amoeba Music Hollywood
Amoeba Music San Fran
Angelo's CD's & Tapes
Apop Records
Aquarius Records
Bent Crayon
BK Music
Bleecker Street Records
BooBoo Records-San Luis Obispo
Bop Shop Records
Bull Moose Music
Cactus Music
CD Alley Chapel Hill
CD Central
Chaz's Bull City Records
Co-op Records Clinton
Criminal Records
Culture Shock Records
Dave's Records
Dearborn Music
Decatur CD's
Dimple Records
Disc Exchange
Ear Candy
Earshot Music - Laurens
Earshot Music - Winston-Salem
Earwax Records - Brooklyn
Easy Street Records
Electric Fetus One Stop HQ
End of An Ear
Euclid Records
Everybody's Records
Everyday Music
Extreme Noise Records
Flat Black and Circular
Forever Young
Four Thousand Holes
Generation Records
Good Records
Gotham Distributing
Harvest Records
Homer's Records
House of Records
Independent Records
Indy CD and Vinyl
J & R Music World
Jack's Music Shoppe
Ka-CHUNK Records
Kim's Video & Music
Landlocked Music
Luna MusicLunchbox
Mad Platter-Riverside
Melody Record Shop Inc.
Monster Music & Movies
Music Millennium
Neat Neat Neat Records and Mus
Newbury Comics HQ
Offbeat Music, Ltd.
Origami (LA)
Other Music
Parasol Records
Park Ave. CD's
Paul's Compact Discs
Phono Select Records
Princeton Record Exchange
Pure Pop Records
Radio-Active Records
Ramalama Records
Rasputin Music HQ
Reckless Records - Loop
Reckless Records- Wicker Park
Reckless Records-Broadway
Record Archive
Record Breakers -Chicago
Record Den
Record Exchange Boise
Repo Records
Rhino Records Claremont
Rockaway Records
Second Hand Tunes
SG Distributing-Gray Whale CD
Shake It
Sig's Lagoon
Size Records
Sonic Boom Records-WA
SOS Music
Sound Fix Records
Sound Garden Baltimore
Spoonful Records
Static Age Records
Steady Sounds Record Store
Street Corner Music
Streetlight - Santa Cruz
Strictly Discs
Sweat Records
The Exclusive Co.
Treehouse Records
Twist & Shout
Underground Sounds
Vacation Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl Fords
Vinyl Collective
Waiting Room Records
Wax N' Facts
Wax Trax Main Store HQ
Young Ones
Zia Enterprises, Inc.

Stores, let us know in the comments if you should be on this list.