Saturday, April 19, 2014


We would just like to say that if you missed out on one of our RSD releases DO NOT PAY EXTRA FOR IT ON EBAY.
Just wait until June (that's all we can say right now).
Please spread the word.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

RSD 2014 Store List

Alright, punks, Record Store Day is this Saturday. Get out your sunscreen or parka (depending on location) and get ready to blow your tax refund on these bangers!

BOTCH - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP
CAVE IN - Jupiter LP+12"
KHLYST - Chaos Is My Name LP

Here is a list of US stores that have ordered through our distributor. All stores will have at least one copy of each of our 2014 RSD titles, unless otherwise noted.

- This list does NOT include stores that ordered through one-stops, so check with your local store to see if they will have what you want.

(Stores: Not listed but have our titles? Tweet at us and we will add you to the list - )

1-2-3-4 Go! Records - Oakland, CA
2nd Avenue Records - Portland, OR
AEC HQ - Sunrise, FL (Botch, Cave In)
AFK Books - Virginia Beach, VA (Botch, Cave In)
Albums On The Hill - Boulder, CO
Amoeba Music - Berkeley, CA
Amoeba Music - Hollywood, CA
Amoeba Music - San Francisco, CA
Angelo's CD's & Tapes - Aurora, CO
Angry Mom Records - Ithaca, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Aquarius Records - San Francisco, CA
Armageddon Shop - Providence, RI
Attic Record Store - Pittsburgh, PA
Baker & Taylor - Charlotte, NC (Botch, Cave In)
Bananas Records - St. Petersburg, FL (Khlyst)
Better Days Records - Louisville, KY
Bleecker Street Records New York, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Blue Groove Soundz - Sarasota, FL
BooBoo Records - San Luis Obispo, CA
Bop Shop Records - Rochester, NY
Bull Moose Music - Portland, ME
Cactus Music - Houston, TX
Canterbury Records - Pasadena, CA
Carrot Top - Chicago, IL
CD Alley - Chapel Hill, NC
CD Central - Lexington, KY (Botch, Cave In)
CD World - Eugene, OR (Botch, Cave In)
Chaz's Bull City Records - Durham, NC (Botch, Cave In)
Cheapo Discs - St Paul, MN (Botch, Cave In)
Co-op Records - Clinton, IA (Botch, Cave In)
Criminal Records - Atlanta, GA
Crooked Beat - Arlington, VA (Botch, Cave In)
Culture Clash - Toledo, OH (Botch, Cave In)
Culture Shock Records - Rockford, IL
Daddy Kool - St. Petersburg, FL
Darkside Records & Gallery - Poughkeepsie, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Dave's Records - Chicago, IL
Deadbeat Records - Moscow, ID (Botch)
Dearborn Music - Dearborn, MI (Botch, Cave In)
Deep Search Records - Ponte Vedra, FL (Botch)
Dimple Records - Sacramento, CA
Disc Exchange - Knoxville, TN (Botch, Cave In)
Disc Go Round - Corpus Christi, TX (Botch, Cave In)
Down in the Valley - Golden Valley, MN (Botch, Cave In)
Ear Candy - Missoula, MT
Ear Wax - Madison, WI
Earwax Records - Brooklyn, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Easy Street Records - West Seattle, WA (Botch, Cave In)
Electric Fetus - Minneapolis, MN (Botch)
Encore Music - Austin, TX
End of An Ear - Austin, TX
Error Records - Champaign, IL
Everyday Music - Portland, OR
Exile on Main Street - Champaign, IL
Extreme Noise Records - Minneapolis, MN
Finder's Records and Tapes - Bowling Green, OH (Botch, Cave In)
Fingerprints - Long Beach, CA
Flat Black and Circular - East Lansing, MI (Botch, Cave In)
Fond Object - Nashville, TN (Cave In)
For The Record - Chattanooga, TN
Forever Young - Grand Prairie, TX
Freakbeat Records - Sherman Oaks, CA (Cave In, Khlyst)
Future Shock - Portland, OR (Cave In)
Fuzz Records - Albany, NY
Gallery of Sound HQ - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Generation Records - New York, NY
Going Underground - Bakersfield, CA (Botch, Cave In)
Goner Records - Memphis, TN (Cave In)
Good Records - Dallas, TX
Graveface - Savannah, GA
Graywhale Entertainment - Taylorsville, UT
Grimey's - Nashville, TN
Guestroom Records - Norman, OK
Guestroom Records - Louisville, KY
Guestroom Records - Oklahoma City, OK
Harvest Records - Asheville, NC
Hear Again Music and Movies - Gainesville, FL
Hi-Voltage Records - Tacoma, WA (Botch)
Hill & Dale Records - Washington, DC
Hitt Records - Columbia, MO (Cave In)
Homer's Records - Omaha, NE (Botch, Cave In)
Horizon - Greenville, SC
Hot Poop - Walla Walla, WA (Botch, Cave In)
House of Records - Eugene, OR (Botch, Cave In)
In Living Stereo - New York, NY
Independent Records - Colorado Spring, CO
Indy CD and Vinyl - Indianapolis, IN (Botch, Cave In)
Jackpot Records - Portland, OR
Jupiter Records - Wilmington, DE
Ka-CHUNK Records - Annapolis, MD (Botch, Cave In)
Lakeshore Record Exchange - Rochester, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Landlocked Music - Bloomington, IN (Botch, Cave In)
Laurie's Planet of Sound - Chicago, IL (Botch, Cave In)
Long in the Tooth - Philadelphia, PA
Love Garden Sounds - Lawrence, KS
Luna Music - Indianapolis, IN
Lunchbox - Charlotte, NC
M-Theory - San Diego, CA (Botch, Cave In)
Magnoliathunderpussy - Columbus, OH (Botch, Cave In)
Main Street Music - Philadelphia, PA
Melody Supreme - Earlysville, VA
Mills Record Company - Kansas City, MO
Mojo Books and Music - Tampa, FL (Botch, Cave In)
Monster Music & Movies - Nashville, TN
Music Millennium - Portland, OR
My Mind's Eye - Lakewood, OH
Neat Neat Neat Records and Music - Fort Wayne, IN
NeedleDrop Records - Rochester, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Newbury Comics HQ - Brighton, MA
Nice Price Books Raleigh, NC (Cave In)
No Idea Distribution - Gainesville, FL (Botch, Cave In)
Norman's Sound and Vision - Brooklyn, NY (Cave In)
Orange Records - Fargo, ND
Other Music - New York, NY
Park Ave. CD's - Orlando, FL
Permanent Records - Brooklyn, NY
Plan 9 HQ - Richmond, VA
Porchlight Coffee & Records - Seattle, WA (Botch, Cave In)
Port of Sound Record Shoppe - Costa Mesa, CA
Princeton Record Exchange - Princeton, NJ
Pure Pop Records - Williston, VT
Radio-Active Records - Fort Lauderdale, FL (Botch, Cave In)
Ragged Records - Davenport, IA (Botch, Khlyst)
Rainbow Records  - Barrington, IL (Botch)
Rainy Day Records - Olympia, WA (Botch, Cave In)
Ramalama Records - Toledo, OH
Rasputin Music HQ - Berkeley, CA (Cave In)
Reckless Records - Loop - Chicago, IL
Reckless Records - Wicker Park - Chicago, IL
Reckless Records - Broadway - Chicago, IL
Record Collector - Iowa City, IA
Record Exchange - Boise, ID
Red Onion Records - Washington, DC (Botch, Cave In)
Redscroll Records - Wallingford, CT
Repo Records - Philadelphia, PA (Botch, Cave In)
Retrofit Records - Tallahassee, FL (Khlyst)
Revolver - Pensacola, FL (Botch)
Rhino Records - Claremont, CA (Botch, Cave In)
Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY (Botch, Cave In)
Salzer's - Ventura, CA
Schoolkids Records of NC - Raleigh, NC
Scotti's - Summit, NJ (Botch, Cave In)
Seasick Records - Birmingham, AL (Botch, Cave In)
Shake It - Cincinatti, OH
Silver Platters - Seattle, WA
Siren Records - Doylestown, PA
Size Records - Oklahoma City, OK
Skully'z Recordz - New Orleans, LA (Botch, Cave In)
Sonic Boom Records - Seattle, WA
Sorry State Records - Carrboro, NC
SOS Music - Manhattan, KS (Botch, Cave In)
Sound Cat Records - Pittsburgh, PA (Botch, Cave In)
Sound Exchange - Houston, TX
Sound Garden - Baltimore, MD
Soundburst Audio - Layton, UT (Cave In)
Sounds Good Music - Port St. Lucie, FL
Speakertree Records - Lynchburg, VA (Cave In)
Spektrum Muzik - Wichita, KS (Botch, Cave In)
Spinnaker Records - Hyannis, MA
Spiral Scratch Records - Kenmore, NY (Botch, Khlyst)
Spoonful Records - Columbus, OH
Square Records - Akron, OH
Starship Records & Tapes - Tulsa, OK
Static Age Records - Asheville, NC
Stinkweeds - Phoenix, AZ
Street Corner Music - Oak Park, MI (Cave In)
Streetlight - San Jose, CA (Botch, Cave In)
Streetlight - Santa Cruz, CA
Strictly Discs - Madison, WI
Sugarcube Records - Covington, KY (Botch, Cave In)
Superfly's Lone Star Music - San Marcos, TX
Sweat Records - Miami, FL
T-BONES - Hattiesburg, MS (Cave In)
The Exclusive Co. - Oshkosh, WI
The Groove - Nashville, TN
The Record Room - Scottsdale, AZ (Botch, Cave In)
The Telegraph - New London, CT (Cave In)
Toad Hall Books & Records - Rockford, IL
Tonevendor - St. Augustine, FL (Cave In)
Transcontinent Record Sales - Buffalo, NY (Khlyst)
Treehouse Records - Minneapolis, MN (Botch, Cave In)
Trust Fall Records & Coffee - Grayling, MI (Cave In)
Twist & Shout Denver, CO
Underground Sounds - Ann Arbor, MI (Botch, Cave In)
URP Music Distributors - Nashville, TN (Botch, Cave In)
Used Kids - Columbus, OH
Vertigo - Grand Rapids, MI
Vinal Edge - Houston, TX
Vintage Vinyl - Fords, NJ
Vinyl Daze Records - Virginia Beach, VA (Botch, Cave In)
Vinyl Rescue Project - Greenwood, IN (Botch, Cave In)
Von's Records - West Lafayette, IN (Botch, Cave In)
Waiting Room Records - Normal, IL (Botch, Cave In)
Wall of Sound - Seattle, WA (Khlyst)
Waterloo - Austin, TX
Wax N' Facts - Atlanta, GA (Botch, Cave In)
Wax Trax Main Store - Denver, CO
We Got The Beats - Oakland Park, FL
Woodstock Music Shop - Woodstock, NY (Khlyst)
Wuxtry Records - Athens, GA
Young Ones - Kutztown, PA
Zia Records Exchange - Phoenix, AZ
ZZZ Records - Des Moines, IA (Khlyst)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Record Store Day 2014

It's official. Hydra Head's Record Store Day 2014 releases are coming to blow the dust out of your speakers that have been feebly emitting the subtle sounds of your significant other's soft rock samplers. Here comes hardcore heaviness.

BOTCH - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP
CAVE IN - Jupiter LP+12"
KHLYST - Chaos Is My Name LP

Monday, February 17, 2014


Hydra Head is proud to announce that we are launching a series of limited edition screen prints by various artists!

The first entry is by our own ANDREW COX
He's also done video and art work for TorcheHelms AleeOld Man GloomSigur RósPalmsPrurientGridlinkVatican ShadowThe Austerity ProgramYoung Widows, and more. 
The fifth volume of his Pocket Book series is coming soon, and he has a short comic in the upcoming Henry and Glenn Forever collection.

Upcoming designs from: 
Faith Coloccia
Michael DeForge
Julia Gfrörer
Tom Neely
Sophie Penrose
Aaron Turner
and more! 

Andrew Cox poster

Four colors (including metallic gold) 
Screen printed on 100# French Pop Tone Paper
Hand numbered,
Limited to 50!
Andrew Cox shirt

Two color screen print on black 100% ring-spun cotton shirt.
Limited one-time printing, pre-order only!

Get them before they get got!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We're rampin' up for our 2014 vinyl reissues/repressings and we need to drum up some fun(ds). So, we've cracked open the ABT™/HHR™ vaults and dug out some more treasure for you to buy. Specifically, about 50 different Hydra Head Test Pressings© from the very early days up through the present moment. Included are titles from all your favorites and the favorite obscurities: Cave In, Khlyst, Botch, Buzzov*en, Converge, Khanate, Melvins, House of Low Culture, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Keelhaul, Xasthur, Neurosis, Big Business, Harvey Milk, etc, etc. Also included in the sale is the HHR TP Mega Pak with 87 different 7", 10", and 12" and 2x12" test pressings including such rarities as: Dillinger Escape Plan "Calulating Infinity", Goatsnake/Burning Witch split, Botch "We Are the Romans",  Cave In "Beyond Hypothermia", Hollomen s/t, Circle "Manner", Converge/Agoraphobic Nosebleed "The Poacher Diaries", etc. Just so you know what stuff we'll be spending your hard earned monies on if you buy treasure from this sale, here is a partial list of what we've got coming up in 2014: Khlyst "Chaos is My Name" LP, Cave In "Jupiter" re-mastered + bonus 12", Khanate "Things Viral" 3xLP, Jesu "Conqueror" 2xLP, Old Man Gloom - Seminars I-III, Botch "Unifying Themes Redux" 2xLP, Botch - vinyl box set,  Boris & Merzbow "Sun Baked Snow Cave" 2xLP, and whole bunch of other excellent music. So, head on over and click them buy buttons! Thank you.

Monday, January 13, 2014

DISCORDANCE AXIS - Original Sound Version 1992-1995 2xLP+7"

Discordance Axis - Original Sound Version 1992-1995 2xLP+7"
Original Sound Version is the beyond-complete retrospective of Discordance Axis' early years. It contains their debut album, Ulterior, along with the contents of their out of print split releases with Capitalist Casualties, Cosmic Curse, and Hellchild, plus demos, live recordings, and unreleased studio tracks. There are 69 tracks in all; however, one of those is a live recording that actually contains 16 separate songs, bumping the total number of songs up into the mid-eighties. 

Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.
In stores January 14, 2014

Order now at

"I wanted to eclipse what NAPALM DEATH had done for me at that point. Not to make From Enslavement to Obliteration, but to make the record they would have made after. That was Ulterior for me." 

Jon Chang doesn't set small goals. From day one, he was determined to make DISCORDANCE AXIS more than another pack of weekend warrior grinders content with emulating their favorite records. He understood the songwriting and performing prowess lurking in collaborators drummer Dave Witte and Rob Marton and he brought it out by every dictatorial means necessary. 

The result was 1995's Ulterior, DISCORDANCE AXIS' first full length album. It was an album that maybe owed too obvious a debt to their influences, particularly the NAPALM DEATH records Chang was determined to top, but Ulterior hinted at the musical and lyrical themes that DISCORDANCE AXIS would perfect on their subsequent two albums, Jouhou and apotheosis The Inalienable Dreamless. 

DISCORDANCE AXIS were finding their footing with Ulterior, repurposing grindcore's tropes and updating its lexicon to fit the 21st Century. Band visionary Chang jolted grindcore's stale infatuation with the politics of opposition with his fascination for science fiction and manga. DISCORDANCE AXIS would also make Witte's bones as the most in-demand drummer of the last two decades as he blasted and thrashed his way into fastest man alive contention. But the secret weapon in DISCORDANCE AXIS' arsenal has always been Marton. Unlike his more gregarious bandmates, Marton just quietly went about his business of redefining grindcore guitar playing. Rather than speeding up '80s hardcore, Marton wrote riffs that actually stood up on their own. His technically adept performance owes as much to jazz and VOIVOD as it does Scum and Horrified. DISCORDANCE AXIS distinguished themselves from the grindcore pack by having actual songs. Ulterior hinted at his prodigious talent, but Marton would stake his case for grind guitar godhood on the strength of Jouhou and The Inalienable Dreamless.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hydra Head Holiday Sale!

HYDRA HEAD HOLIDAY SALE - 20% Off Everything! Use code "HYDRAHOLIDAYS" thru Dec. 2nd,

20% Off Everything!
Nov. 29th - Dec. 2nd