OLD MAN GLOOM - Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live in NYC

Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live in NYC
November 25th, 2011

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So, Old Man Gloom is milking old material for another "new" release, that's what you're thinking right? And you're also wondering why you should shell out a portion of your not-so-hard earned cash in exchange for an item manufactured with the sole intent of making more money for an already wealthy group of individuals, yes? You want to know why? Because, whether you realize it or not, Old Man Gloom is the best band on the planet, hands down; and if we shit in a bucket and threw it in the presses at the vinyl manufacturing plant it would still merit purchasing. And you know what else? Even our mossy turds are better than 99.9% of the other "music" that's floating around out there. This is not idle boasting, this is fact, based on sound scientific research conducted by the head technicians at the OMG Institute for Simian Alien Technology. After centuries of forethought and developmental planning, the Institute has produced one ground breaking document after another over the last decade, and humanity has benefitted greatly as a result. Truth be told though, the figures behind OMG have not worked together in the same facility for the past eight and half years, simply because of the collective realization that, even now, so many years after the initial publication of our works, no one outside the interior group has been able to fully comprehend those massive feats of intellect and creative ingenuity (see articles i-v: "meditations in b", "seminars ll & lll" , "christmas eve l & ll + 6" [previous digital 3" compact disc and analog 2x7" vinyl versions], and finally the simply and aptly titled "christmas"). While it seems some recipients of these documents have been able to grasp the general themes addressed therein, many, if not all of the nuances and fastidiously constructed details continue to elude and confound the average (and even above average), intellect of today's global citizen, no matter their background training or level of education. This is a sad truth, only too apparent to we the creators of the aforementioned documents, but despite this, the members of the Institute continue to hold out hope that with enough persistence, educational presentations, and continued dissemination of past documents in various formats and incarnations, that one day humanity will finally be able to grasp the full scope and meaning of our work. Though the OMG team has not been fully assembled in any cohesive form since late 2003, the strength and force of our collective will has only grown in the interim and shows no signs of dissipating. We all have continued to develop new theoretical hypotheses and developmental projects individually, as well as in other cooperative collectives, though the results of such efforts are dwarfed by the formidable shadow cast by the incomparable output of our assembled whole. Be that as it may, we have opted to continue our work separately until such time for reassembly is deemed appropriate. This could be tomorrow, it could be 10 years from now, but whatever the case, rest assured that OMG will always retain the ultimate goal of the betterment of society and the global community at the forefront of their collective consciousness. …

Side A
1. Christmas Eve Part I
2. A.L.F. Makes Accident, Or The Slow Advance Of The Now Liberated, But Virally Contagious Chimps
3. Skull Of Geronimo
4. Masami's Music Box I
5. Branch Breaker (Live In NYC)
6. Masami's Music Box 2
7. Christmas Eve Part II
8. Gratuitous Bonus Track Made By Sensible Musicians Doing Questionable Things

Side B "Live at Brownies in NYC"
9. Zozobra (excerpt)
10. Skullstorm
11. Branch Breaker
12. Sonic Wave of Bees
13. Rape Athena
14. Flood II
15. Afraid Of....
16. Hot Salvation
17. Jaws of the Lion

1000pcs on Light Blue, Black, or Yellow colored vinyl

Available in stores on Record Store Day - Black Friday (Webstore Pre-Order Sold Out!)

Old Man Gloom: Christmas Eve
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Old Man Gloom: Christmas Eve T-Shirt Pre-Order