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LP Available October 16, 2012
Available in Black, Beige, and Clear/Black. A limited edition photo book by MAMIFFER's Faith Coliccia is available with the Clear/Black vinyl only; this will not be sold separately!

35 minutes of new music. Limited to 1000 copies.

Old Man Gloom - Christmas
2xLP Available October 16, 2012
  OLD MAN GLOOM Christmas has returned! Originally released in 2004, OMG's fifth sonic dissertation has been repressed and can be picked up here.

special edition T-Shirt, available for a very short time, is also up with the pre-order:


Thanks again to everybody that has shown us support over the past few weeks. We are overwhelmed with your generosity- and with orders! We apologize if your package has yet to be shipped; we are getting through more of them every day. We appreciate your patience.

Also a big thank you to everyone who has shown their support through the written word. Lots of cool content we've enjoyed reading/watching/remembering, take a look:

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