HYDRA HEAD Update, HELMS ALEE Pre-Order, HHR Collection

Hello fellow members of the HHR Musical CO-OP Foundation™, some updates for you here from HQ:

First off, THANK YOU to all of you who contributed/are contributing to the CO-OP's health by participating in our fundraising efforts. Whether you purchased a sticker, donated a dollar, or bought the entire Hydra Head Test Press Collection ©, every little bit has helped us regain some of our former strength and provided some stable ground on which we continue to tread. Because of your generous support in just a few short months we've managed to pay off some long standing debts, keep our remaining staff clothed and fed, and get five reissue projects into production*. While we're not out of the woods yet, we're doing a far sight better than we were before this whole Hydra Health™ Plan was initiated. Though our path out of the dark is still dim and strewn with obstacles, there is certainly hope for the future that we'll be able to continue repressing our back catalog, thanks to everyone who's helped shed some light along the way - and to all of those people, we are very grateful indeed. 

Helms Alee
Next up on the agenda is the new album in the works from Hydra Head alumni Helms Alee. Saddened as we are by our inability to participate in the release of this album, we're happy to announce the band themselves are shouldering the duty of releasing it. In an effort to raise the necessary funds to make the record happen they've launched a Kickstarter pre-sale campaign with some pretty sweet packages on offer for potential backers. To watch their superbly crafted promo video and score a copy of what is sure to be one of the best albums of the year go here to pledge your support: 

Hydra Head Records Collection
Speaking of support, we managed to pull together one more complete Hydra Head Records Collection™pulled directly from the A. Turner Archives © to help with our own continued fundraising efforts. The set includes over 240 different releases - LPs, 7"s, 2xLPs, DVDs, pictures discs, cassettes, compact discs, 6"s, etc. Aside from the wide array of fantastic items listed above, there are also some special surprises provided with the set, including but not limited to 5 (or more) test pressing editions from our unparalleled catalog of recorded sound works. Proceeds from the sale of this set will go directly towards the pressing of future Hydra Head Records catalog titles. Though we realize this is a steep sticker price, the eBay value alone is well above our own comparatively modest asking amount, not to mention the fact that you'd be obtaining over 7200 minutes of the worlds best music! 

Go here for more on this fantastic offer: Hydra Head Records Collection™

And that about concludes our news for the moment. We'll be back next week with details on some exciting pre-order launches for the Discordance Axis - Jouhou 2xLP and Converge - Caring & Killing 2xLP as well as a bit more on our exciting Record Store Day releases: Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops 2xLP andBotch - American Nervoso 2xLP. 

'Til then, thanks for tuning in and "see" you next time...