New Records and Merch from GODFLESH, & THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM!

It's a big week for drum machines!

J K Broadrick's most-recognized band, the influential and innovative GODFLESH- who formed in 1988 with bassist Ben Green, disbanded in 2002 and reformed in 2010 - present Decline & Fall 4 brand new tracks on a 23 minute mini album.
These industrial metal titans pick up right where they left off with more pummeling beats and distortion.

Over a decade and a half of playing together and now the band puts out their best release. The humor is much bleaker, the musical range is a lot sharper, and the drum machine is really well beyond its natural limits. It took four years to write and was put on tape over a week and a half in November 2013. They took the trouble to record it as clearly as they could so that you can listen to it at absolute top volume.
If you like Godflesh and Big Black, this will tickle your eardrums just right.