Old Man Gloom - NO 2xLP, T-Shirt, Crewneck

Old Man Gloom No merch
-Vinyl 2xLP is back in press and now available!
--New vinyl colors: Apeshit, Jade Marble
-New T-Shirt and Crewneck design to go with it!  

Old Man Gloom is a supergroup (containing members of ConvergeISISCave InZozobra,DoomridersMamiffer, etc.), but instead of making shitty records like other "supergroups", Old Man Gloom actually makes great ones.

NO is an undeniably great title for an album, and also serves as an ironclad manifesto in opposition to the moral and aesthetic decay of our global society.

- This is Old Man Gloom's fifth album, their first after eight years. They weren't on hiatus, just busy writing the greatest album in music history. That makes them the proud progenitors of the f̶i̶v̶e̶ seven greatest albums of all time, NO being number one. NO is like "one", only spelled backwards and without the "E".

Old Man Gloom are playing shows just in time for the collapse of the global economy.

- The acronym for Old Man Gloom is "OMG". "OMG" has become a household phrase since its introduction in to the popular lexicon in 1999, directly coinciding with the formation of Old Man Gloomthe year prior. The group has never been properly credited for this massively important contribution to global culture.

NO was made using acoustic and electric instruments including but not limited to: sheet metal, toilets, human voices, guitars, drums, tambourines, shoes, hands, various other percussive tools, analog and digital electronic devices, and brains.