Summer's almost over, school is back in session, and you are pissed that you have to start wearing sleeves again. Well, cool your jets, because we have a trio of Pre-Orders for BOTCH,DAUGHTERS, and JESU records that belong on your shelf. 

Botch We are the Romans cover
We Are the Romans

Unless you've been living under a rock that's underneath another even bigger rock in a cave in the middle of nowhere, you probably already know what's up with this milestone of an album. Initially released in the year two grand, Botch's final full-length was/is the kind of devastating metallic hardcore explosion that the term "metallic hardcore" could/can only aspire to. In fact, these dudes nailed it so hard that the bands that came afterward had to start calling themselves "metalcore" out of respect.


Daughters self titled cover

Daughters' s/t is the kind of record you can't stop turning up. The kind that satisfies every cultural, musical requisite a critical listener possesses while simultaneously reinventing the wheel. The kind that's so immediately gratifying that you don't even bother to compare your instincts with what today's internet has to say. The kind you won't have to remove from your record player for months on end.

Daughters shirt 1
Daughters #1 (Metallic Blue) Limited Edition T-Shirt Pre-Order

Daughters shirt 2
Daughters #2 (White) Limited Edition T-Shirt Pre-Order

Jesu everyday i get closer cover
Everyday I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came 
Beginning with 'Homesick', with its guitar hooks, shoegaze textures and familiar jesusound, one can be misled into considering that this new album will follow a familiarjesu trajectory. Instead the following tracks use jesu's aesthetic, but take in dub, post punk, and electronica along the way, to create maybe the most dynamic jesu album to date. 
(Avalanche Recordings)