New Vinyl! FLAC downloads!

We have released a lot of records to date, but never so many in such a short span of time. This Friday (Black Friday, November 26th, 2010) we have a 2xLP, 2 single LPs, a CDep, and a limited 7" all hitting stores for the first time.  Here are some pics of the vinyl colors, because we know you like to look at stuff like that (click to enlarge). Order all four from the Hydra Head shop and use the coupon code: SUGARBEAR2 to get 10% off.
Harvey Milk - s/t 2xLP - available on black (not pictured), black cherry, and seafoam vinyl

Daughters - s/t LP - available on Diarrheainbow (aka light brown), Baby Blue, and black (not pictured) vinyl. Free Daughters - The First Supper b/w Boner X-Ray 7" while supplies last (Limited to 500 total!  200 available through the Hydra Head Shop, the rest through local stores)

Cave In - Anomalies Vol. 1 LP - available on black or white vinyl (no pic because you should already know what black or white vinyl looks like. Unless you are blind, in which case we apologize, but also in which case what do you care what color it is?)
Kayo Dot - Stained Glass CDep
If you count both physical formats of the new Jesu 2xCD/2xLP and we are putting out 7 releases in 11 days! Here's a look at those vinyl colors:

Jesu - Heart Ache & Dethroned 2xLP - available on Grey, Clear Pink, White, Clear, and Black (not pictured) vinyl.
Not to mention the Jesu MP3 and FLAC downloads. Yes, that's right, all you audiophile internerds can untwist your marvel superheroes underoos because this is the first of many of our releases to see digital release as FLAC files. Available exclusively in the Hydra Head digital download store (powered by Diystro). 

We are almost rolling at a release per day for the second half of November. Holy moly.