TORCHE - "Kicking" video premiere on Stereogum

Torche has a new music video directed by our very own Andrew James Cox (aka Sugarbear, also responsible for the Helms Alee - "8/16," and Torche - "UFO" videos). It premiered yesterday on Stereogum.

It's for the song "Kicking" from their new album Harmonicraft (out now on Volcom Entertainment), and involves a kickball game, hallucinations, and orange soda. See if you can spot cameos by other members of the Hydra Head crew, Isis, Ides of Gemini, Pangea, and Dream Homes.

Also, Mark shows a lot of skin.

"Director Andrew James Cox manages to hit all the inspirational sports-movie beats while making fun of them at the same time, and that hallucination sequence is a thing to behold." - Stereogum
Andrew when you tell him we can't go to Del Taco for lunch.

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