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LP/Digital Available October 16, 2012 

Pre-orders are still available in advance of next week's October 16th release date. Available in Black, Beige, and Clear/Black. A limited edition photo book by MAMIFFER's Faith Coliccia is available with the Clear/Black vinyl only (this will not be sold separately).

35 minutes of new music. Limited to 1000 copies.
Keep an eye out for MAMIFFER on the other side of the pond! Tour dates start in Austria on Sunday:  
10/14 Vienna, AUT @ Arena w/ White Hills
10/15 Zagreb, HR @ Nkc Park w/ Menace Ruine, White Hills
10/16 Velenje SL @ eMCe w/ Menace Ruine
10/17 Bologna, IT @ Teatro Degli Illusi
10/18 Milan, IT @ Ligera
10/19 Neuchatel, CH @ Queen Kong Club w/ Menace Ruine
10/20 Bern, CH @ Dachstock w/White Hills
10/21 Paris, FR @ L'Espace B w/ Menace Ruine
10/23 Brussels, BE @ Magasin 4 w/ Menace Ruine
10/24 Liege, BE @ La Zone w/ Menace Ruine
10/25 Amsterdam, NL @ Winston w/ Menace Ruine
10/26 Bochum, DE @ Christuskirche w/ Menace Ruine
10/27 Karlsruhe, DE @ Die Stadtmitte w/ Menace Ruine
10/28 Berlin, DE @ HBC w/ Menace Ruine
10/30 Wroclaw, PL @ Firlej w/ Menace Ruine
10/31 Warsaw, PL @ Powiekszenie w/ Menace Ruine
11/02 Riga, LV @ Artelis w/ Menace Ruine
11/03 Tallinn, EE @ Von Krahl w/ Menace Ruine
11/04 Helsinki, FIN @ Korjaamo w/ Menace Ruine 

JODIS Black Curtain Getting Love!

Stream Full Album at ALARM Magazine

JODIS have made some friends since last week's release of Black Curtain:

"Loping, haunting, and coarsely ethereal, it sounds like field recordings of cellular decay." - AV Club

"It is cautiously optimistic and empowered, spotlighting the power and beauty that can arise from sadness.  As a swansong piece for a beloved label, it is a perfect one." - Brainwashed
"Black Curtain is not the colorless and, let's be honest, bland mimicry or derivation of other atmospheric post-metal.  It's more of a testament to the idea that music and, more specifically, the metal genre is exploring new depths every day." - Steel For Brains 
"The guitars, ringing out with distortion and reverb, pluck notes one by one as feedback, atmospherics, and Turner's harmonized, almost chant-like vocals craft a ghostly setting. When Wyskida's drums come crashing in, the band's full weight can be felt, but like an apparition, they too are fleeting, never allowing the listener to know when to expect them." - ALARM

 LPCD, and Digital versions are now available in the Hydra Head Shop and on Bandcamp.

LP and CD editions limited to 1000 copies each worldwide.