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Science fiction has evolved out of a human desire to know the hidden possibilities of
our continued existence moving into the dimly lit territories of the future. Using what
they know of our history as a spring board for our speculation, and by examining the
predictive signs of current environment, visionary writers have cast light on our
possible future whereabouts, and in the process given form and direction to that course
through a creative process of divination. In some ways, Pyramids self titled debut has
accomplished the same feat in the realm of musical prognostication. While the album
was certainly built on a knowledge of past musical forms, the combination of that
knowledge with an uncanny ability to twist old energies into entirely new shapes,
they've created a truly predictive and compelling sculpture of sound and aural color.

Now, several years since its initial release, Pyramids first collection of songs resounds
like a communique from a far off galaxy. It could be the music made by Martian
interpreters who somehow intercepted and reconfigured the decaying din emanating
from the charred surface of Planet Earth. The resultant impressions sound like cut up
feverdream tape loops containing snippets of XasthurTangerine Dream and Mazzy
Star layered over, under and through each other. The aural pictures are at once
terrifying and soothing, familiar and wholly alien. What seems like it shouldn't does in
fact work: black metal blasting stitched together with patches of gauzy melody and
angelic warbling. It's one of the most enveloping and simultaneously disorienting
documents to have emerged from the hazy outer territories of the heavy music
underground in years. Despite the numerous musical mutations that have sprung up
around it since its initial release, Pyramids debut still sounds far beyond the horizons
of anything concocted by modern musical scientists. Perhaps through a process of
reversed time flow, Pyramids have brought the sounds of the future into our present
moment, speculative fiction in aural form. It's hard to say whether we should be
reassured or terrified by their findings, but it's safe to say adventurous listeners can't
afford to ignore prophetic visions such as these.

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