Artist Picks: Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer, Everlovely Lightningheart, Pyramids)


Faith Turner-Coloccia (Mamiffer, Everlovely LightningheartPyramids)

MareMare s/t EP

When I heard this record I felt like I was hearing something perfect. Every note and change and harmony makes sense and resonates within me. I wish Mare would make another record someday. I also wish I could sing like Tyler, and I also wish I could play drums like Caleb. I heard that Tyler had a toothbrush in his back pocket while they were playing in Toronto...what can I say?

jodisJodis - Secret House

This is one of the saddest and most lonely records I have ever heard, sad and lonely without being dramatic. It sounds very honest, like a twisted version of Fovea Hex. I really appreciate the space the music has, and the time period and personalities of the musicians the recording captures. You can appreciate James Plotkin's exceptional hearing and mastering skills. I tried to make a funny joke about Jodis, but you CANT joke about Jodis, and everyone knows that. This record deflects joking.

bergraven - til makabertBERGRAVEN Til Makabert Väsen
When I heard this record I was walking in the rain, it was before the record came out (thanks HHR!). I was listening to it on broken ipod headphones. I listened to it with two bi-polar manic depressives in my car driving in traffic, and all these times I only noticed the music. This is an amazing record. I think this is the most "listened to" record for me of 2009. This record is also not really funny or joke-able.

OMG XmasOld Man Gloom - Christmas
This record is so fucking awesome, it sounds haunted and it sounds like a bunch of guys were trapped in a recording studio in Salem during a snow storm. In my dream world if I was a dude and I could growl and yell really loud and play electric guitar like I just couldn't stop being influenced by The Dead Man soundtrack, then I would be in this band and I would play live shows and be tired and sweaty afterward. I REALLY wish Old Man Gloom would make some more records...I heard they are going to soon...just saying.

KhanateKhanateCapture and Release
I don't even need to describe to you my excuse for loving this record. But there are so many good things you can do while listening to Khanate. You can drink coffee early in the morning with your Khanate mug, you can cut the sleeves off of your Khanate shirt and go hiking in the mountains, you can sharpen the Khanate hunting knife you have near your bed while living in the woods, you can drown out your roommates irritating folk music by listening to Khanate really loud, you can appreciate James Plotkin's exceptional hearing and mastering skills, and you can play with your cat by dragging him around with an afghan on the floor while you both listen to Khanate.