Pyramids With Nadja: Lustmord/Ulver Remix 12" Available For Pre-Order Now!


If you enjoy Pyramids with Nadja, Pyramids without Nadja, or vis-versa... then you likely want to pre-order this hand-numbered little buddy... Reasons to support the aforementioned claim are as follows:

1. Side A. is a remix of Into the Silent Waves by Lustmord!
2. Side B. is a remix of Into the Silent Waves by Ulver!
3. You couldn't possibly dream up a more awesome and appropriate pair of
remixers for a PWN track!
4. The thing is limited to 300! meaning good luck trying to find one if you don't pre-order it.
5. And remember how badass the Pyramids with Nadja record is?! if not, try it out again, or for the first time, here!

last, but not least, if you neglected to pick up a Pyramids With Nadja t-shirt during the PWN CD pre-order, we are now offering it @ a discounted rate up until the Remix 12" Pre-Order is up (Pre-Order Ends 3/23). In order to get the discount use coupon code: EGYPT when checking out!