Pyramids with Nadja Preorder is Up (and Running)!

As we have mentioned multiple times on this blog (and around the internet), October 27th marks the release date of the compact disc version of Pyramids with Nadja, and joint colab between Pyramids and Nadja (and a boat load of others). To kick start the celebration, our webstore is currently offering a preorder for this release that includes the (un)limited possibilities of also purchasing a t-shirt or zip-up hoodie. As an added bonus, when you order the CD you will also receive a limited Pyramids with Nadja Seed Packet, which is pretty kick ass if you ask me. It includes some perennial wildflower seeds to plant in your garden, or flower pot like the one i have on the floor by my desk (thanks Michele!, this thing won't die).

At the top of this lovely blog post is an image of the preorder. You can order it by going here.