R. Loren's Top Ten of 2009

R. Loren's (Pyramids/Pyramids With Nadja) Top Ten of 2009

1. Blut Aus Nord- Memoria Vetusta II/Dialogue With The Stars
2. Cobalt- Gin
3. Converge- Axe to Fall
4. Portal- Swarth
5. Katatonia- Night Is The New Day
6. Current 93- Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain
7. Antony and The Johnsons- The Crying Light
8. Hildur Gudnadottir- Without Sinking
9. Kevin Drumm- Imperial Horizon
10. Isis- Wavering Radiant

In other Pyramids related news... Hydra Head will be releasing a limited Pyramids With Nadja remix 12" in the near near future… The 12" contains a remix of Into the Silent Waves by Ulver and a remix of the same track by Lustmord… 12" Image below... Stay tuned!