Cave In: "Planets of Old" CDep+Bonus DVD Pre-Order Is Up And Running!!!

Calling all Cave In fans... We've got some very very good news!

The Cave In "Planets of Old" CDep+Bonus DVD Pre-Order has begun!

The details on this one are smooth indeed:

Remember how these 4 new Cave In songs are packaged with the first, and only, live Cave In DVD? Well, if you pre-order the CDep+DVD through the HH webstore, we will, at no extra charge, give you a limited CD containing the audio from the show when/where the DVD was filmed! So you (and an elite group of approximately 150 savvy German dudes) will be able to cruise the 'shaw while imagining that you were actually at Cave In's sold out reunion show at The Middle East in Allston, Massachusetts… Recap: the live CD is Limited, Free with pre-order and also not illegal to entertain yourself to while operating a motorized vehicle!

Also, remember how Aaron Turner illustrated some seriously wicked graphics to decorate this release? Well, now you can get those swell illustrations on either a black or orange shirt!.. see below...