Harvey Milk: Show Review in the New York Times!

Between 1992 and 1998, very few people outside Georgia knew about Harvey Milk. The band packed it in just after hiring a new and monstrous drummer, Kyle Spence, and just before a band could get international traction by putting a demo on myspace. I never heard Note 1.

In the following years, some of its earlier music was re-released on CD. When Harvey Milk’s music became easy to find, the band re-formed in 2006, with the original drummer, Paul Trudeau. I completely missed “Special Wishes,” the first post-reformation album. I heard “Life ... the Best Game in Town,” from 2008, with Mr. Spence back on drums, and felt nothing. I didn’t like the artless moan of Creston Spiers, the singer and guitarist. And sometimes the music — slow, rumbling, wayward — reminded me of the Melvins, who try my patience.