Mare: "Aggressive Tendencies Tour" w/Converge, Terror and Cursed

If you live in Canada right now, you best be doing backflips over this tour, cause all us folks down here in the lower half of North America are jealous as hell. A hot shot editor over at Exclaim! magazine put this line up together, smacked the title "Aggressive Tendencies Tour" on it, and sent it off throughout his motherland of Canada. God Bless ya, Gramlich. Mare goes on first so make sure you get yo ass there early.

Sat Sept 24, Vancouver, BC - Seylynn Hall
Mon Sept 26, Banff, AB - Wildbills
Tue Sept 27, Edmonton, AB - Starlite Theatre
Wed Sept 28, Calgary, AB - Macewan Ballroom
Thu Sept 29, Regina, SK - The Exchange
Fri Sept 30, Winnipeg, MB - Collective Cabaret
Sat Oct 1, Thunder Bay, ON - Warp 9
Mon Oct 3, London, ON - Call The Office
Tue Oct 4, Hamilton, ON - The Underground
Wed Oct 5, Toronto, ON - Opera House
Thu Oct 6, Ottawa, ON - Babylon
Fri Oct 7, Quebec City - Anti- Hall
Sat Oct 8, Montreal, QC - Club Soda