Staff Picks: Aaron Turner


Aaron Bradford Coloccia-Turner, Hydra Head Honcho (Mamiffer, Greymachine, Jodis, Old Man Gloom, House of Low Culture, Drawing Voices, Twilight, Lotus Eaters, Isis, Hollomen, Unionsuit)

bohren - doloresBOHREN AND DER CLUB OF GORE - Dolores
Midnight "doom-jazz" played at a crawl. Far and away one of the most beautiful records i've ever heard. This is one of those albums so perfect it's hard to believe it was created by human hands.

Bergraven dodsvisionerbergraven - til makabertBERGRAVEN - Dödsvisioner
Digital and Til Makabert Väsen
Criminally underrated blackened prog-metal from Sweden. On par with the works of 
Deathspell Omega,VirusLurker of Chalice, etc, possessing some of the same qualities as the aforementioned but with a very clearly defined persona of their own. Devote some time to these songs and you will be richly rewarded.
nihill krachNihill - Krach
A perfect alchemical blend of structured song form and scorched abstracted textures. Many have tried this approach and few have succeeded. Nihill have done so with clearly evident conviction and created a bleak masterpiece in the process. Yet another unsung gem.

Oxbow narcotic storyOxbow - The Narcotic Story
This is a lesson in brutality, restraint, beauty and menace of endless suspense doled out in equal but unpredictable measure. While musical artists of all stripes regularly feign emotional energy through the mode of song craft, there are a slim few who have so purely channeled the human experience so tenderly and so forcefully as Oxbow have on The Narcotic Story. This is also the first and likely last hydra head release to be nominated for a Grammy. No shit.

MareMare s/t EP
The tragedy of Mare's short lived existence is amplified when experiencing the greatness of this debut and wondering what the hell might've come next had they stuck around. A mixture of beautifully orchestrated choral vocals, piercing shards of guitar and obtuse but memorable riffery. Truly unique and sorely missed.. Please come back guys. Please....

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