Being Justin Broadrick- The Man that Changed Music

"Final. Napalm Death. Godflesh. Jesu. Starting his music career at the age of 11, releasing his own demo for Final, signing up with Napalm Death in 1985, forming Godflesh in 1988, and Jesu in 2003, Justin Broadrick has had his hands in the metal scene, being a member of some of the most influential groups to grindcore, industrial metal, post-metal, and alternative metal. Turning down offers to join Faith No More and Danzig and producing for Pantera, Isis, Pelican, Earth, Knut, Justin Broadrick has earned the respect of musicians and fans alike. With the much anticipated release of "Why Are We Not Perfect" off of HydraHead this week, Justin Broadrick has once again proven that he can test the waters, push the limits, and continue to evolve.

Justin Broadrick doesn't have a scene. He isn't hanging out with record label people or music groups on the weekend and he doesn't live in the city. He is content hanging out with his girlfriend, listening to music, smoking dope, and watching movies. He loves art. He loves cinema. He feels a connection to cats. He drew as a kid. He isn't a rock star, though be swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels after a show. Justin is a man who loves what he does, does it because he has to, and feels like he has gotten lucky."

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