Jesu: Tiny Mix Tapes Interview

I was introduced to Jesu when they released Conqueror in 2007, and I was immediately sucked into the hazy, heavy-but-spacious ambience. The simple melodicism of Justin Broadrick’s vocals set atop gorgeously brutal stoner-metal is surprisingly accessible. Jesu knows how to properly craft an elegant pop hook and launch it into the great beyond with sheer metal destruction and patient, patient songwriting. The actual guitar parts are not overly complicated, and they allow plenty of room for Broadrick’s soft and inviting voice, but the aesthetic and execution are crushing. I can think of several bands that attempt to mesh pop simplicity with the sonics of metal, but very few actually succeed at capturing the essence of both, and none so well as Jesu.

Broadrick continues to plunge into new waters with his recent forays into electronica, and he shows no sign of slowing down. In our interview, he talks about an upcoming split, an upcoming full-length, and his experience at Primavera.