Jesu / Justin Broadrick amp for sale

In 2007 Hydra Head bought some equipment for Jesu to use on their 2007 US Lifeline tour. This Marshall JCM 800 has been sitting in the hallway of Hydra Headquarters since Jesu dropped it off (along with a quarter-full tequila bottle, a beer, and a cardboard sign that read "Jesu needs weed, will trade for merch").

JKB and JCM at CMJ 2007
JCM making a grilled cheese.

JCM drinking JESU's leftover tequila (and peppers).

JCM passed out because it's a lightweight (you try drinking 4 ounces of the spiciest tequila ever tasted when you only weigh 41 pounds)

JCM reading on the john

JCM signing Lifeline posters (clinging on to the glory days)

JCM skating out front of HHQ.
JCM busting a sick kickflip.

The amp is fun to have around, making grilled cheeses, getting tanked, and skating out front, but it is time for it to get out in the world and back to work. It has been coasting on having been on tour with Jesu for almost 4 years now.

If you want to give it a good home, check out the ebay page here.