Back in September of last year we nearly has a seizure upon hearing "Vultures Descend" for the first time.  Its fucking HARSH and, although it sounds sorta weird to say about something like this, its also totally refreshing.  Hearing it launched one of those moments where Mark fires of emails to Justin and Aaron chugging cock telling them how great they are and what great work they've done, and how he'll pretty much die if GREYMACHINE was not to be released on Hydra Head.  No worries there though, it all worked out as you can well see here...  This 12" is the precursor to the full length "Disconnected" which drops on CD July 21st and on 2xLP somewhere before or after depending on how the production gods are feeling.   We did 600 copies of the 12" on black vinyl with white labels.  Each are in a DJ style sleeve (center hole punched out) with a sticker in the upper right hand corner.  We like to think the whole thing looks like something we've have found in the racks of our college radio station back in the 80's and 90's...back when bands, like Godflesh, would have singles n' whatnot issued on promo 12"s in support of whatever full length they were promoting.  Anyway, its simple as all hell, but we're shockingly giddy about it....hopefully you dig it as much as we do.  The AA Side is a remix of a track that is on the full length....that remix, and others, may just appear down the road somewhere if we're all well behaved...but that's up to JKB to decide.

If yr on Chel's List then you've probably already reserved yr copy...otherwise our store at BCD will have stock next week as well as some select retail locations the week after.  

Here's the vitals: