TORCHE: California Tour 2009 Begins

We figure that they just HAD to be high as kites when they came up with the idea to spend two full weeks touring CA.  But since they're the hired help on this jaunt, its more likely that their tour mates, Dredg, were the lit ones scheming up shit like this.  We ain't complaining at all, not one single fact, were fucking psyched to have the crew living in Los Angeles for two weeks.  They'll be all up in Mark's pad stinking up the joint, sleeping in his bed, eating his food, not cleaning up their garbage...well, truth be told that's more like the old days, but its still gonna be an enjoyable blur, no doubt. 

So, without further ado, we bring the official reminder that Torche are about to tour California for the next two weeks!  We still think they should have made a "CA Tour 2009" shirt....

5/08 Pomona CA @Glasshouse
5/09 Santa Barbara CA @Velvet Jones
5/10 San Diego CA @House of Blues
5/12 Fresno CA @Starline
5/13 San Luis Obispo CA @Downtown Brew
5/15 Reno NV @The Underground
5/16 Chico CA @Senator Theatre
5/19 San Francisco CA @Great American Music Hall
5/20 San Francisco CA @Bimbo's 365 Club
5/21 Santa Cruz CA @The Catalyst
5/22 West Hollywood CA @Troubadour
5/23 West Hollywood CA @Troubadour