record store day 2013

Record Store Day 2013 (this Saturday, April 20th) is a Hydra Head hardcore bonanza, a one-two punch to the crotch, a double dose of double LPs of millennial metal masterpieces BOTCH American Nervoso and CAVE IN - Until Your Heart Stops

Try not to trash your turntable when you are bashing up your bedroom along to these bammers!

Botch American Nervoso
American Nervoso

Expanded to a 2xLP to include bonus tracks on vinyl for the first time. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. RSD exclusive Army Green vinyl is unmarked and randomly distributed in stores only. 

Originally recorded in 1998, this is Botch's debut full-length and first Hydra Head release. It features white-hot guitar action, scathing vocals, sweet bass moves, and torrential drums. Smashing existing precepts of hardcore and redefining both the word and the music for a generation of matinee kids and grizzled vets alike.

cave in until your heart stops
Until Your Heart Stops
Half of the pressing is housed in jackets from the original run that we've stored for years, the other half in new jackets from reconstructed art. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. RSD exclusive Translucent Orange/Black Swirl vinyl is unmarked and randomly distributed in stores only.
Cave In have had many musical identities since their inception in Methuen, MA, in 1995, but the one that first established them as underground heroes was the dizzying, face-ripping metal blowout now known the world over as Until Your Heart Stops. -J. Bennett / Decibel Magazine 

Stores carrying HYDRA HEAD RSD titles 
(This list doesn't include international stores or stores who ordered from onestops or other distributors. Contact your local shop to see if they have the records you want!)
1-2-3-4 Go! Records 
2nd Avenue Records
641 RPM
Absolute Vinyl Records
AFK Books
All Day Records
Amoeba Music Berkeley
Amoeba Music Hollywood
Amoeba Music San Francisco
Aquarius Records
Armageddon Shop
Attic Record Store
Backside Records Burbank
Better Days Records
BK Music
Bleecker Street Records
Blue Groove Soundz
BooBoo Records-San Luis Obispo
Bop Shop Records
Bull Moose Music
Cactus Music
Canterbury Records
CD Alley Chapel Hill
CD Central
CD World - Eugene
Chaz's Bull City Records
Co-op Records
Co-op Records Clinton
The Corner Record Shop
Criminal Records
Crooked Beat
Culture Clash
Culture Shock Records
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dave's Records
Deadbeat Records
Deep Search Records
Dimple Records
Disc Exchange
Double Decker Records
Doylestown Music, dba Siren
Dusty Groove
Ear Candy
Earshot Charleston
Earshot Music - Laurens
Earshot Music - Winston-Salem
Earwax Records - Brooklyn
Easy Street Records
Electric Fetus
Electric Kitsch
Encore Music
End of An Ear
Error Records
Euclid Records
Everyday Music
The Exclusive Co.
Finder's Records and Tapes
Flat Black and Circular
For The Record
Forever Young
Freakbeat Records
Fuzz Records
Gallery of Sound HQ
Generation Records
Going Underground Records
Good Records
Gray Whale CD
The Groove
Guestroom Records
Guestroom Records Bricktown
Guestroom Records OKC
Harvest Records
Homer's Records
Hot Poop
House of Records
Independent Records
Indy CD and Vinyl
In Living Stereo
In The Moment Music & Gifts
Jackpot Records
J & R Music World
Ka-CHUNK Records
Lakeshore Record Exchange
Landlocked Music
Laurie's Planet of Sound
Long in the Tooth
Looney Tunes
Love Garden Sounds
Mass Media Records
Melody Supreme
Mojo Books and Music
Monster Music & Movies
Mount Analog
Music Millennium
Music Saves
Neat Neat Neat Records and Music
NeedleDrop Records
Newbury Comics
Orange Records
Origami (LA)
Other Music
Permanent Records-Illinois
Permanent Records-Los Angeles
Porchlight Coffee & Records
Princeton Record Exchange
Pure Pop Records
Radio-Active Records
Rainbow Records (Barrington)
Rainy Day Records
Ramalama Records
Ranch Records-Salem
Rasputin Music
Reckless Records - Loop
Reckless Records- Wicker Park
Reckless Records-Broadway
Record Archive
The Record Exchange
Record Exchange Boise
The Record Room
Redscroll Records
Repo Records
Retrofit Records
Revelation Records
Revolver Pensacola
Rhino Records Claremont
Rockaway Records
Schoolkids Records
Second Hand Tunes
Shake It
Shangri La
Shuga Records
Sig's Lagoon
Silver Platters
Size Records
Skully'z Recordz
Sonic Boom Records
SOS Music
Sound Cat Records
Sound Exchange (Houston)
Sound Garden
Spinnaker Records
Spoonful Records
Square Records
Static Age Records
Steady Sounds Record Store
Stinkweeds - Phoenix
Streetlight - San Jose
Streetlight - Santa Cruz
Strictly Discs
The Telegraph
Toad Hall Books & Records
Tracks Records
Trailer Space
Transcontinent Record Sales
Treehouse Records
Tune Town
Twist & Shout
Uncle Sam's - Miami Beach
Underground Sounds
Vacation Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl Fords
Vintage Vinyl St. Louis
Vinyl Daze Records
Vinyl Edge
Vinyl Solution - Huntington Beach
Von's Records
Waiting Room Records
Wax N' Facts
Wax Trax
Wuxtry Records - Athens
Young Ones
Zia Enterprises
Zions Gate
ZZZ Records