Record Store Day 2012: BOTCH, CIRCLE, PELICAN

Hi. How are you?  

Have you heard of Record Store Day?  

It's one of those events that makes pretty much anyone remotely interested in making, selling or buying vinyl records go just totally and completely bananas.  We may not have gone totally bananas...just yet anyway;)...but we do come close around this time of year, particularly with our very own Los Angeles based vinyl record store, Vacation Vinyl.  Vacation will be loaded with the Hydra Head titles we're about to run through in this here 'eblast', but will also be well stocked on just about everything you are dying to find on Record Store Day's official list.  

Hydra Head Records has three titles coming out on Record Store Day this year. There will be no webstore pre-orders for these, so please go old-school and ask your local store to order them (and several each of our catalog titles as well, if you don't mind), then go snag them in person at the crack 'o dawn on April 21st.
We will also be sending out free posters, signed prints, pins and patches to select stores as well...but more on that as Record Store Day approaches.

An Anthology of Dead Ends 12"
The final will and testament of Seattle's best boy band ever, released just in time for the 10th anniversary of their final show.  A collection so vital its grown 2 inches in 10 years. 
180g vinyl on multiple colors.  Full color old-school style tip-on single LP jacket, with heavyweight full color innersleeve.  

Manner LP

Finland's indomitable Circle return with a dilating dose of NWOFHM/Avant-AOR. Limited vinyl album. 6 songs. 40 minutes. Their first on Hydra Head. 
Housed in a classic full color die-cut DJ sleeve, the cover image of the eye is not fully realized until the record is inserted into the jacket with the LP label completing the iris. The vinyl colors equally match the aesthetic; we would tell you what they are, but we don't want to ruin the surprise.

Australasia 2xLP

The instru-metal rock masterpiece that came to define a genre. Often imitated, never duplicated.  Deluxe vinyl edition available for the first time on Hydra Head since the album's 2003 release.

180g double vinyl on multiple colors. Full color tip-on gatefold with full color innersleeve.  This thing is so heavy you could probably hammer nails with it.

Hint: track down the 'haze' vinyl color...we like.