Daughters: Interview @ Buddyhead!

Buddyhead :Now that you’re removed, from writing, recording and being a member of Daughters, and you’ve released a record that many people (myself including) would call your best and the sort of “coming of age” of the band, how does it feel that it’s basically over?

Nick : I have mixed feelings about it. its sad that the band fell apart as this record was being released because I do believe it was a sort of coming of age recording, but that it was only a peek at what was to come. Writing this album felt like a dusting of cobwebs for me and as though we were stepping into a territory that was fresh and exciting for our band; at least that was my goal when i made it. On the other hand, its great to be away from the stresses of the band. Daughters was a band that provided me with some really great memories and took me around the world, helped me make some great friends and allowed me to do what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. I feel extremely grateful to have been able to work together with dudes that I’ve known for a long time in a band I felt had integrity. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to write and record our last record as I am extremely proud of it, especially in the context and history of the band.