Bergraven: In Depth Interview in AvantGarde Metal

I haven't consciously decided to create a new sound, but I wanted to get away from the common tired attitude of metal riffing, you know chugging the E-string, melodies in fifths. I don't look for the same things in metal as most other listeners do, I think; the power, the force and omnipotence is of course there, but it's not what I'm after. I had this idea to create something that sounded old, eerie, uncanny - these ideas were present on Dödsvisioner as well, but other things got in the way. My idea of the old rural/agrarian society - not focusing on the misery and poverty, but the ghostly and superstitious, without necessarily sounding like a horror movie. Like the early stories by Selma Lagerlöf. I wanted to portray this not only in the lyrics, but in the music and the sound. I had to remove the distortion from the guitars - not clean though, but cracked; the Tubescreamer always sounds ghostlike.