Bergraven: New Album Reviewed on Pitchfork

Till Makabert Väsen goes further down this path. Now the melodies are elongated and spidery. Their off-kilter dissonance suggests a quieter Deathspell Omega. Slint playing black metal might sound like this. Gustafsson doesn't forget to step on the distortion pedal, though. After wandering through funhouses of skewed high end, songs return to big, rocking riffs. Fellow Swedes Lifelover similarly mate black metal and pop, though they are more tongue-in-cheek. Katatonia on hallucinogens also comes to mind. Some passages suggest Opeth's ornate prog, though much spicier. Pop music often compresses huge worlds into small structures. Bergraven does the opposite. Song start small, then grow tendrils, teeth, and fur. Five minutes later, they're roaring and hissing. Then the shoots and leaves return to the ground. They leave behind an aroma with many notes: black metal, rock, pop, studio weirdness. The smell is unmistakably Bergraven's.