Mamiffer on Tour!

Almost immediately after closing Isis's Wavering Radiant tour, Mamiffer is back on the road. An unstoppable force I tell you.. And, since we are on the subject, I'm going to let you'll in on a little secret... the band is going to have a very limited Mamiffer live tape on their persons... so it would be wise to show up early if your into that kinda thing... If your not in that kinda thing than you'll probably ask that friend of your friend, the one with an alphabetized terabyte of stolen music on his western digital, to keep an eye out... but then again, he's going to wanna hang out and everything that comes out of his mouth makes your squirm. and that gentlemen, is why the physical medium reigns supreme.

New Tour Dates: 
7/16 Seattle, WA @ The Josephine w/ Hemingway, Sokai Stilhed, Slates, Blowunihilist
7/17 Portland, OR @ Abyssal Behemoth w/ Hemingway, Ocillating Innards, Saltochard
7/18 Eugene, OR @ Epic Space w/ Hemingway, Brown, I Died, Scrolls
7/19 Portland, OR @ Ash Street Saloon w/ Hemingway, Brown
8/14 Seattle, WA @ The Josephine w/ Barn Owl