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“why are we not perfect probably one of the most under-rated albums of the year. i love jesu and i love this album.” – Cowblogs from Hell

“Jesu have always confounded me a bit. I ended up seeing Jesu with Heath a couple years ago now when they were opening for Isis at Irving and had a hard time reconciling the music I was hearing against the Godflesh and Napalm Death shows I had seen in years past”- Jaded Scenester NYC

“You get the feeling that the title of this latest EP is a question that nags at Jesu mastermind Justin Broadrick. Judging by his sheer tonnage of output, you can sense that he may be trying to reach creative enlightenment by pouring out an unending flow of music. Seriously, by the time you’re done reading this, a new Jesu EP/split/remix album will probably have been released. But with a track record as spotless as Broadrick’s, it’s tough to complain about his unyielding desire to drop music on our heads.”- Plug In

"the VSS is like a secret handshake. Namedropping the act locally will likely solicit one of two responses: a blank stare or the giddy recognition of a long-lost sibling. Since its breakup in 1997, the band has developed an underground following of rock cult elitists and purist vinyl collectors"- Decider Denver