The VSS: Nervous Circuits CD/DVD Reissue (with bonus disc) Pre-Order

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Back in 1997, we were all crammed into A. Ron Turner’s apartment back in Boston, talking about the first Miltown seven-inch like it just gave us a reach-around in the men’s room. On the other side of the country—San Francisco, to be precise—four dudes we’d never met put out a record called “Nervous Circuits”. Originally released on Honey Bear Records, the album unveiled the kind of punked-up robotic noise and feverish melodies that anticipated the vast and varied keyboardenhanced punk/rock stylings of These Arms Are Snakes, The Faint and Death From Above 1979. Featuring former Angel Hair members Sonny Kay (vocals) and Joshua Hughes (guitar) alongside bassist/keyboardist Andrew Rothbard and drummer Dave Clifford, The VSS filtered Black Flag’s nihilism through a litany of crooks, hooks, edges and angularities (and their own light show, as seen on the bonus live DVD) to create “an environment of total saturation of sound, light and motion.” It was our kind of shit, but we just didn’t know it yet. And then the fuckers had to go and break up-before forming Pleasure Forever (Clifford, Rothbard, Hughes), Year Future (Kay) and Gold Standard Laboratories (Kay). But hey—thank Christ for reissues.

This one is a doozy...a CD/DVD reissue of The VSS's "Nervous Circuits" album from an entire decade ago...and its pretty much been out of print the whole time. The CD is remastered, the DVD is loaded with select footage from through out the bands history as well as 3 additional full live sets...and for the first 1000 folks to buy the album they'll get a 14 track bonus disc containing 5 unreleased studio tracks and a 9 song live set.

Pre-order today and not only will you secure the limited (only 1,000) bonus disc, but also the option to add a VSS t-shirt, girl's shirt (who loves ya ladies), pullover hoodie, or heck all 3!