Old Man Gloom - West Coast Tour

Ok, you yard-apes, you've been whining and begging for Old Man Gloom to "Please play west coast" "+1 Seattle" "Los Angeles, por favor," etc. perhaps because you want to witness the resumed gloom, or perhaps because the combined forces of the OMG Institute produced a method of pre-embedding the pending tour dates through space-time into the subconscious, precognitive nether regions of your simian brain flesh. Regardless, here is the mostly complete itinerary of Old Man Gloom's impending West Coast Tour (Maybe there are one or two more shows to be announced. Keep checking back compulsively like we know you will anyway):

09/03 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides of Gemini

09/04 San Diego, CA @ The Soda Bar w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides of Gemini
09/05 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ William Fowler Collins & Sad Vicious
09/08 Seattle, WA @ The Highline

Also, buy some more copies of Old Man Gloom - NO for your friends and family.

June 26th, 2012