Nihill "Grond" Preorder Launched!

On October 13th, HHR will be releasing NIHILL's Grond full length. Part two of the trilogy that started with Krach (which just saw a proper North American release via the handsome gentlemen [and lady] of HHR), Grond continues with the black metal scuzz that we can't get enough of. In honor of this release, we are offering a new shirt design which you can gander at above.

"..brutal, necro-weird black metal with a choirs-of-hell agapeness á la Deathspell Omega or Funeral Mist when they blast and make like Immortal circling above in time before time; raw industrialised Burzum-isms; Mayhem-style spoken-word schizo-grumbings; abstract ambient doom propositions. All here, and coated in a sheen of Lustmord-esque sonic filth." - Decibel Magazine

Check out the preorder here