contorted blasts of string strangulation.

drifting slabs of icy ambience.

martial drums plodding forth from the center of dead planets.

the clanking cacophony of the processional denizens of the graves of the earth.

gurgling howls choked from the depths of bottomless oceans.

torrential clouds of buzzing locusts to shroud the skies in blackened waves.

these are the contents of the tome known as "krach", crafted by the KVLT of NIHILL.

originally released by monumentum records in europe, now set for a domestic release via hydra head in september 2008. "krach" is the first installment in a trilogy, the 2nd and 3rd parts of which have just been completed, and which will also be unleashed via hydra head in 2008/2009. to taste the fury that will soon be wrought upon your cowering crown go here .

.... "sailing the stinking black waters of transfiguration"....