Nihill "KRACH" preorder now up!

September 15th marks the North American release date for NIHILL's Krach, via HHR. We got the preorder all launched up over at our webstore, which includes a smooth shirt (image below). Nihill's follow-up, Grond, will follow shortly, so be on the look out.

"The first two minutes of 'Gnosis: Part 1,' would not sound out of place on an Einsturzende Neubauten album, but from the two minute mark on the track is pure doom metal. The guitars cut and slash in horrible slow motion, long sustained chords that grate against subtle, barely-there drumming, complimenting a vocalist choking on every anguished scream, akin to Abbath if he was recorded drowning in the bottom of an infinitely deep well."
- Diabolical Conquest