New Xasthur Vinyl Out Now!

New 2xLPs from Harvey Milk and Xasthur are available now!

HYH-176-1 Xasthur - All Reflections Drained 2xLP
Available as:
Picture Discs with an exclusive back Patch
Red Mist vinyl with an exclusive slipmat
Black vinyl
Blood Red vinyl

The art will scare your conservative mom (sorry if you don't have a mom)

Front and back cover

Jacket interior

Sleeves front

Sleeves back

Picture discs A and C sides

Picture discs B and D sides

Back patch, packaged exclusively with picture disc

Red Mist vinyl with slipmat (packaged exclusively with Red mist)

Blood Red vinyl - yes, it is pretty similar to red mist, but there is a tiny bit of white haze in red mist. Look closely.

Don't miss out on these, or your children will look like gargoyles. The Disney cartoon ones.