Xasthur "2005 Demo" & Hayaino Daisuki "The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell" Out Now!

OK so, Hayaino Daisuki has always been the tightest and the fastest band out there, right? Hayaino's new record, other wise known as The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? maintains the aforementioned titles while gaining them another... After this record hits the shelves, people like you and me are going to have to start referring to Hayaino Daisuki as the fastest, tightest and most melodic metal band ever! And dude, if you're into aggressive music you've come to the right place... listening to this band, and in particular the record in question, is like crossing streams with a fire hose... You know... Obviously you run the risk of injury, but you're stoned and growing up in the suburbs... Buy "Invincible Gate Mind" here!

If you're into
Burzum-esque lo-fi black metal, and like... who isn't, then you're already a massive Xasthur fan... And so, you're already overwhelmingly aware of the fact that no outfit or individual in the Black Metal community, absolutely no one, is capable of reflecting and drawing the listener in to such a near tangible presence of distress... TheXasthur record in question, 2005 Demo, is two lost, completed demo tracks that were recorded prior to the time of Subliminal Genocide... and, in a sense, these two previously unavailable recordings come across like a much belated extension of Subliminal Genocide. Buy "2005 Demo" here!