First off, you obviously should be aware of the fact that the best Daughters record, titled "Hell Songs" and obviously out on yours truly, comes out August 8th. That's soon, and we're soiling our diapers daily in anticipation. If you haven't heard the track we've got available for download, snag that monster here. You also get a chance to peep the artwork.

While Derek at Solid PR is busy lining up proper press, we figured we'd do our own interview with our Providence rock stars. This interview was done by Justin Folley of the Hydra Head act Austerity Program. Alexis was the respondent.

Q. Why did this record take a month to record?
A. it took ten days to record the record. you received bad information.

Q. From your myspace page: "so we just finished recording Hell Songs not too long ago and it took almost a full month of work off for some of us to do it." Don't you guys maintain any messaging discipline?
A. doesn't seem that way. messages are for bands like public enemy.

Q. How do you describe your music to people you like but who have no point of reference for it? (ie. a favorite uncle says to you - "I didn't know you were in a band. What's the music like?")
A. i tell them they wouldn't like it. i hate trying to tell anyone what we sound like. if they gave a shit they would find out for themselves, right?

Q. What's the difference between Canada and Hell?
A. one employs more transvestite prostitutes, you pick.

Q. I'm going to guess Canada.
A. a logical guess.

Q. What are you more sick of - the singing question ("How come it's
different"?) or the song length question ("Why so short?")?
A. i've been getting the song length questions for a longer time, so i would have to say that one. does that mean you just asked a question about both?

Q. I didn't. What question do you wish people would ask more? And how would you answer it?
A. i'm only here to answer questions, not ask them of myself.

Q. I saw one of you sold a guitar on ebay as way to be able to afford food while doing the record. Given this type of privation - is being in a band worth it?
A. sometimes, but not usually.

Q. What makes it worth it?
A. i like meeting people who care about art. be it music, paint, written word, whatever. those are the people i know aren't at a show to talk shit or show off their new clothing. it doesn't seem like people want to be, they want to be something. they want to judge, look cool, be accepted. it disappoints me to think I can say/create something honest and people are just waiting to shit on it. an it's mostly because they are too scared to creating anything of their own.

Q. Regarding that guitar - did the seller want the blood washed off or no?
A. i don't know. perhaps it was left on for cloning purposes.