SIR LANCELOT LIGHTNINGROD, or everything everloving

hi folks,
first off, we are sorry to say that the everlovely lightningheart "cusp" album has been delayed yet again... we have now set a march 7th release date that will be adhered too... and we'll be doing some sort of special preorder thing for this release as well, though we're not sure what it will contain just yet. we'd also like to add that this record will be worth the wait - the booklets for the cd were wonderfully designed and handsewn by the band with "unique" insertions in each ... and we've already gone on at length about the quality of the aural content in past postings... so just hold on for a few more weeks....

also in the works is a preorder package for the pelican "march into the sea" 12", with t shirt, turntable slip mat, etc. we'd also like to mention preparations are currently being made for the release of the new and stunning jesu cd ep/12" entitled "silver", as well as the long awaited reissue of the agoraphobic nosebleed masterpiece "pcp torpedo" on the digital format complete with a full disc of remixes by the likes of vinda obmana, jk broadrick, merzbow, etc....

and now, back to everlovely, here is a bunch of info from the band on upcoming and current activities... as you can see they are a busy bunch, so get out there 'n support 'em all you LA area freaks! this is unedited text, but we think you all are smart enough to be able to extract the pertinent info contained herein...

"-there is a date pending for the show at LACMA for janruary, but it is based on the performance we did in the Belmont Tunnel in 2004.

-we have an installation at the USC fine arts Grad gallery. we have made 10 speakers and we have made thousands of 3 minute songs, groups of songs are played at random through each speaker creating an atmosphere of sound where the listener will never be able to hear the song all the way through because it is constantly changing. it is a test run model for our bigger show in March/April. the DATE: OPENING RECEPTION: FEBRUARY 23 2006. @ USC GRAD FA GALLERY: Gayle and Ed Roski Master of Fine Arts Gallery, 3001 South Flower st, Los Angeles, CA. 90007- tel. 213 743

-we have the same kind of show at the UC Riverside Sweeney Gallery for a group show called "PEOPLE FOR A BETTER TOMORROW", it is along the same lines but more realized and more audiance participation. the DATE: OPENING RECEPTION: APRIL 1st 2006. we will be performing on APRIL 2 and possibly APRIL 6 with another artist Mario Ybarra. the show was currated by Meg Cranston.

-then theres the craziest one- we are included in a group show put on my the artist Andrea Zittel and some of her group called HIGH DESERT TEST SITES PROJECTS, it is in the high desert- Jousha Tree/ 29 Palms area. we will be constructing a monumental Aeolien harp. if you need a brief description of the harp here it is:

"the Aeolin Harp is an ancient instrument invented by the greeks and named after Aeolus, the god of wind. Arthurian legends hold that these harps were placed along the cliffs above the shores of Britan in the 6th century in order to ward off invaders with the otherwordly sound of their howling music.

the harp we propose to build is of the ancient variety, free standing, and obelisk-like in shape.

the harp sounds by way of a process known in physics as vortex sheeding. this is the same phenomenon which causes high-tension power lines to whistle.

the harp consists of a vertical colume or housing with slatted openings, which serve to concentrate and funnel wind across the strings contained within. the strings are all the same length, but of different thickness. by adjusting the tension of the strings in accordance with their varying thicknesses, the strings are all tuned to the same fundamental pitch, as they would if they were plucked or struck, but rather at the wide variety of harmonics which make up the overtone series for the paticular tone to which all the strings are tuned. the result is a chours of shifting harmonies, haunting and ethereal in their wavering song.

the harp will be embedded in the floor of the canyon, these harmonies will echo and reverberate creating an interesting spatial experience of sound."
-the words of chris Badger to our currator.

we will provide you with a map as soon as we select our specfic location. the DATE: MAY 6 and 7th 2006

i hope those dates are helpfull, if you want more info let me know and ill keep you updated on what is happening with the LACMA show.

....oh, we also have a show at Mountain Bar (in los angeles) on March 1st with The Nethers, and are playing SXSW (austin, tx) on the 16th of march....."

that's all folks! more soon... we promise..... sort of....