Jealous. We are.

See these jackasses? They are some of our most favorite people in the world. If you look closely you'll see folks from such flagship Hydra Head bands as Cave In, Pelican and Knut. They're all hanging out and taking cute photos to make the HHR LA posse jealous. Well, it worked. The first person to email the correct names of the folks in the photo to will win something that we probably won't ever send, but if we do that first person will probably be psyched as hell (and, no, the guy in the middle back isn't O'Malley)
Cave In and Pelican are doing a 6 week co-headlining tour across the lands of Europe and the UK, and last night they hit Geneva, the hometown of Knut. And shit, that just sounds like a night of good times and a variety of buzzes, something which these guys all are clearing experiencing...

Now for the necessary plug associated with the photo:
Go see Cave In and Pelican on tour. the remaining dates are:
15-02-06 Spazio 211 Torino (Ita)
16-02-06 Flog Clug Florence (Ita)
17-02-06 Estragon Club Bologna (Ita)
19-02-06 Palm Beach St. Feliu (Spa)
20-02-06 Gruta 77 Madrid (Spa)
22-02-06 Epicerie Moderne Lyon (Fra)
23-02-06 Confort Moderne Poitiers (Fra)

24-02-06 La Boule Noire Paris (Fra)

25-02-06 La Laiterie Strasbourg (Fra)
26-02-06 Hof Ter Lo Antwerp (Bel)
28-02-06 Academy 2 Birmingham (Uk)
01-03-06 A.b.c.2 Glasgow (Sco)
02-03-06 Academy 3 Manchester (Uk)
03-03-06 Corporation Sheffield (Uk)
04-03-06 Garage London (Uk)
06-03-06 Zodiac Oxford (Uk)
07-03-06 Cavern Club Exeter (Uk)
08-03-06 University Cardiff (Uk)

And then, after you've seen Cave In and Pelican, save up your hard earned money and go see Knut in the UK supporting "Terraformer". If you are lucky, and if we do our job, they'll also have copies of their upcoming Hydra Head release called "Alter". Its a collection of remixes by a pile of folks handpicked by Knut. more details on the release date and tracklisting to follow, but just know that you'll probably be able to find a copy before anyone else if you go see Knut destroy some clubs in the United Kingdom.
02-03-06 Eve Campus Grenoble (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
03-03-06 Le Korigan Marseille (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
04-03-06 L'antirouille Montpellier (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
05-03-06 Les Vents Du Sud Toulouse (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
07-03-06 Le Vip St. Nazaire (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
08-03-06 Mondo Bizarro Rennes (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
09-03-06 La Cartonnerie Reims (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
10-03-06 Point Ephemere Paris (Fra) + Impure Wilhelmina
11-03-06 L' Usine Geneva (Swi) Black Sabbath Tribute
29-03-06 Satellite Lausanne (Swi) + Kruger
08-04-06 Ebullition Bulle (Swi) + Deceit