Everlovely Lightningheart: Particles & Fields NEW Limited and Hand-made CDs

"Particles and Fields is an amalgamation of detritus assembeled as a precurssor to the new album Sein Weal Talion Rue due to be released later this year. The packaging was formed from saliva, liquid polymer and dirt, each being the only one of its kind and hand sewn."

Go to our webstore to order. Just went up today! These mothers are very limited and won't be found again. So order quickly or miss out for good. Enjoy the quality and loveliness(ha) of this truly unique CD.

Everlovely Lightningheart are also playing some shows with OAKEATER
here are some dates:

Aug.8th Chicago Il. Mr. City
Aug.9th Cincinnati OH- Skull Lab
Aug.10th Bloomington IN
Aug.11th St. Louis MI
Aug.12th Iowa-unconfirmed
Aug.14th Seattle WA-unconfirmed