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"As great as it is, it took a while to grow on me, but there's at least one part in pretty much every song that makes me shake my head at how nice it is. Guitar, guy/girl vox, pounding drums, fuzzed out bass playing solid, heavy and clear rock music. All interspersed by these moments of amazing stuff."- Electrical Audio

"The strangeness that is Torche has returned to my speakers once again and I could not be happier. This album is in and out like the wind with thirteen songs in thirty-six minutes. They have often been described as a stoner-metal equivalent to The Foo Fighters and I don’t think that’s an off base comparison to be honest. Admission of guilt, I actually like The Foo Fighters."- Teeth of the Devine

"Just listen to Meanderthal, the Miami band's newest album, and you have to agree: Torche are onto something. Something big. And big is the operative word here."- Vanguard

"They've been classified in a number of ways - stoner metal, sludge metal or heavy metal - all of which are accurate to some extent. But none of those monikers truly apply to the members of Torche, scheduled to perform Friday at Caledonia Lounge."- Red and Black

"The vocals are melodic in the vein of punkish yell-singing, but filled with intelligent hooks and often layered with harmonies."- Jon's World of Delusion

"As evident on tracks like "Godeater," a 22-minute behemoth that sits like a pound of severed human flesh slowly dripping blood in the middle of a banquet dinner, Williams doesn’t go for much theatrics."- Tiny Mix Tapes

"The ep’s opening tune “Farewell” sees Broadricks’ vocals centered just below the surface within the mix amongst growing atmospherics, a tinkling keyboard, coupled with backmasked drums and a lulling vibraphone"- Cyclic Defrost

"Much has been made of Jesu’s previous work in the music nerd circles I so stylishly attempt to frequent. The self-titled full-length from 2004 achieved critical acclaim for its attention to thick sludge details. It was Conqueror from 2007, however, that really sealed the deal for most fans. Broadrick and his band achieved the sound of “indie metal,” pulling encrusted drone and ambient effects along for the ride on a surprisingly melodic album."- BlogCritics

"The one general consensus concerning Stephen Brodsky is that while his sonic palate might not be the most vast in musical history, it is nonetheless one that can take a variety of distortions, tunings, atmospheres and song structures as if sound were a three-flavored Neapolitan ice cream expanded rigorously into, like, nine or 12."- Treble

"Amber Grey clocks in at less than 12 minutes long, with 11 songs, the shortest of which is just over half a minute, the longest just under a minute and a half. Chang, whose high-pitched rape whistle vocal style makes even the listener's throat go crimson, leads the project with three other musicians, which includes bass this time."- Treble

Since I slacked on posting some of these up last week I thought Id start this week off with a banger.