Pelican's "Lost In The Headlights" Video Premiere this week on Headbanger's Ball

Once you start, you just can't least that's what we learned when it comes to videos. We're addicts for pretty much just about anything that makes us feel good, which is why it wasn't much of a shock when we started begging Pelican to do another clip. After the video for "Dead Between The Walls" turned into a smashing success this past spring we got all junkie like and kept itching for more more more...

And so we made more videos...first on deck for the winter is "Lost In The Headlights" from Pelican's last full length City of Echoes. Shot on the rooftops of downtown LA and the woods of the Angeles Forest. Long time band/label associate and cohort Kenneth Thomas, and his Scrouge Productions crew, did the dirty work behind the camera and editing bay throughout August and September. A loose story line from the first video trails through to this one, with some jackass taking up precious screen time, but you'll see what we mean come Thursday....

We still can't believe Headbangers Ball want to premiere our stuff, and believe us, we're not complaining...we're tickled pink really...they've signed on to premiere "Lost In The Headlights" online this Thursday through their Headbangers Blog followed by the MTV2 premiere of the clip this Saturday, which you can see on something called a television set.

The online premiere will be on Thurs 11/13 and it will be on the
Headbangers Blog.

The on-air premiere (which you can only view using something called a television set) is Saturday 11/15 on MTV2's Headbangers Ball.
It will air between 2am-3am EST and 11pm-12am PST.
If you do the DirectTV thing, it airs live from the East Coast feed.
We are fairly certain it is the first video to air that night, so tune in early!

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