The Levis Video Featuring Torche

You may ask yourself "Why is Hydra Head posting stuff about Levis again"? Well the answer to that lies in the review below, that, and we're hoping they'll catch wind of all the free press we're throwing them and send us free jeans.


"First off piss poor music choices and don't go around playing the music clearance game,there are plenty of kick ass tunes on indie labels that could be used instead of songs that have already been used in other videos,the only cool tune is the Torche song..."- Schnell

If you like little bikes dont let this review scare you away. Check out what these guys had to say too.

"The filming and editing... Honestly, if you follow BMX videos, and have knowledge of other videos, you will know that when I say Will Stroud did an amazing job you will understand. The clips were clean, they weren't rushed into the next clip, proper set up time and ender time.."- BMX Union

"We usually don’t do video reviews, but Will Stroud hooked us up with a preview of the Levi’s video the other day and I just wanted to let everyone know that Corey/Dak/Nathan’s part is probably one of the best video parts I have ever seen. Their part spans over two songs and I swear the last song is full of nothing but bangers. I was blown away by how much footage they had, or even all the riders for that matter, after all the web content they released over the past year.

I was really pumped to hear that Levi’s was doing a DVD and the result turned out great. Make sure to pick the video up when it comes out, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2009.

You can track down the Levis Video Here and also check out their newest web edit featuring another Torche song , Healer.