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"I find myself nervously clutching my chair as I sit here alone in the pitch black, listening to the new Lustmord album, Other. "- Tiny Mix Tapes

"I was about 14 when I first put on a Lustmord cassette, cranked the Walkman up and lay still in a dark room, waiting for something to happen.."- Brainwashed

"Other is one part classic Lustmord: amped-up ultra-low rumbles and echoey field recordings, crazed radioactive zombie howls lost in a post-apocalyptic fog of dust and ice. This is music as geography, creating a landscape for the imagination to run wild in"- Impose
"They combine all the low-toned massive bass thunder of KARP and Harkonen. Ben?s well-worn howl adds distinction while Dana and (or?) Hozoji provide more soothing vocals to accompany his, making an excellent dichotomy that goes right along with the beautiful winding melodies that recall the best moments of Unwound."- Hanging Hex

"A tune might start off with dark and brooding layers of overdriven guitars but then dissolve into a minute of tranquility before ramping back into the darkness."-Westword

"I have always come to music as a form of escapism," he said."- North Texas Daily

"...if you were a fan of Old Man Gloom and the last Cave-In record (which I think Scofield had a big hand in writing) you will most definitely appreciate the bombasts of huge riffing going on here."- Hanging Hex