Melvins 4xLP : Ltd Box Set Version Update

After what seems like a year...oh wait, it HAS been a year...we've finally picked up the silkscreen parts for the box set today. About fucking time, right?  Our interns just can't wait to get in here and start assembling them tomorrow.  The above pic is of the first of 300 to eventually be assembled, figured some ya'll non-haters might enjoy a peek at it.  Inside is the 4xLP on a color of vinyl exclusive to the box, along with a belt buckle, and a comic signed by the artist Tom Neely (some of the comics even have hand drawn images, which we thing was pretty neat of him to do).  Oh, right, each of 'em are hand numbered too.  After we get the final invoices settled for all the parts that go into this thing, we'll be able to set the pricing and announce it here.  One thing that is for absolute certain, is that Secret Headquarters will have a stack of these for sale on Saturday, September 27th on a first come, first serve basis.