DON'T GET SCAMMED, Part 2 : Melvins 4xLP Update

MUCH love to all you for passing on info about those ebay and amazon usernames...good lookin' out...the info is helping us to reconsider how we release vinyl, AND who we work with when it comes to shit like this.

We get that its the nature of the game 'n whatnot, but its still frustrating to see individuals and/or companies pre-sell something they don't have (and if we can help it, will NEVER have) for rates that much higher than the actually sale price...its straight up crooked as far as we're concerned..

It turns out we actually know the person going by the ebay username 'dubmaverick'. The information they added last night to the item listing suggests they are well aware of our frustration...and like a slap in the face they try to justify their claim to while disseminating further FALSE INFORMATION...

dubmaverick's ebay posting for the Melvins 4xLP says:
-that they will start to ship on 09.20.08. This is false. No customer or distributor will have copies by 09.20.08
-that the album will be packaged in "nice custom made mailers". Regular 4xLP's are not in custom made mailers, unless of course this person intends to make their own to mail them in. The box set version that contains the 4xLP, a comic and a belt buckle will be in a custom silkscreen box limited to 300 and will not be made available to distributors whatsoever.
-that "most probably they will be more than $80 ". This is false. The 4xLP will be around $50, perhaps even cheaper.
-that everyone pre-sells records and they need to remain competitive. THIS PERSON started the these "pre-sales" on ebay. They are the type of seller that ruins it for the rest.

Good luck getting copies of this record to sell, dubmaverick, good luck.

As an anonymous comment pointed out, dubmaverick was actually not the first person to be pre-selling the album. The first person was MAD_MUSIC on Amazon, the second was a aroloff351 on ebay, and the third by a few hours was dubmaverick. This correction in no way convinces us that dubmaverick, or any of the others, are total jerks that should be avoided if you are planning to buy this Melvins 4xLP.