DON'T GET SCAMMED : Melvins 4xLP Update

Some blow hards are selling the Melvins 4xLP on ebay and on Amazon as though they've got the damn things in hand already...oh wait, as though they WILL have the damn things in hand around the 20th of September. The thing is, they won't. And if you purchased from them you should probably get a refund...not only will they not have the stock when they say the will, but they DEFINITELY won't cost $80! They folks are scamming the hell out of some of you, so please don't get fooled...

Here are the culprits that we've found so far....if you know who these people are, please let us know (leave a comment or email us: , we want to out this jerks for the scam artists they are.

We were going to announce the release dates today for both the box set and the regular version, but these losers ruined it for us...maybe tomorrow then. In the meantime, as you can see from the above pic, we're still assembling....and assembling...and assembling. We've only sent ONE copy out to someone...which means that all 2999 copies are here with us safe and sound. Don't get fooled.